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Polyamory is a fairly new word. The definition is currently very fluid. What the word means to one person may not mean the same thing to another. The following list references several sources and their concept of the term.

Polyamorous NYC:
Long-term, romantically committed, multiple partner relationship

Greek and Latin Bases:
Poly=many, Amor=love, Y=quality of

The practice, state or ability of having more than one sexual loving relationship at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all partners involved.

Means many loves, and refers to relationship styles of responsible non-monogamy. We count many different configurations of relationships in polyamory, but they have in common honesty and consensuality. While some polyfolk are straight couples who agree they can have other lovers, we also welcome singles, triads, quads, networks, tribes, bi, gay, and transgendered folk -- whatever works for you, as long as it's not based on lying and cheating.

Means "many loves." Briefly, a polyamorous person is one who feels it is natural to romantically love more than just one person at a time. A polyamorous person may have more than one person that s/he considers to be a "spouse," for example. Polyamory is about love, without constraint by the dictates of society, defined only by the parameters that we, as individuals, impose upon it.

Loving More:
The general term used to describe all forms of multi-partner relating.

Means "loving more than one". This love may be sexual, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof, according to the desires and agreements of the individuals involved, but you needn't wear yourself out trying to figure out ways to fit fondness for apple pie, or filial piety, or a passion for the Saint Paul Saints baseball club into it. ,"Polyamorous," is also used as a descriptive term by people who are open to more than one relationship even if they are not currently involved in more than one. (Heck, some are involved in less than one.) Some people think the definition is a bit loose, but it's got to be fairly roomy to fit the wide range of poly arrangements out there.

Polyamorists are people who either desire or are involved in multiple committed relationships in an open and honest fashion.

Time.com NOVEMBER 15, 1999 VOL. 154 NO. 20:
Henry & Mary & Janet & ...: Is your marriage a little dull? The "polyamorists" say there's another way BY JOHN CLOUD
"Polyamory": loving more than one person simultaneously

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