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Come across any good poly resources lately? Or seen a good portrayal of a threesome in a movie? Use the form below to let us, and the rest of the community know! Bold fields required.

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Until recently, there was very little media published about polyamory. Below is a list compiled by our members of the most relevant, positive and interesting items. Please use the form at left to suggest additions. Listings are included for reference and should not be construed as an endorsement by Polyamorous NYC.

Also see our Links page for online resources.

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The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities
by Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt
Considered by many to be required reading for those interested in polyamory, this book is a very practical guide to handling multiple partners. Written in a frank, easy to read style, it covers many issues, skills and tips related to polyamorous lifestyles - including jealousy, scheduling, resolving conflicts, and raising children.

Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining OpenRelationships
by Tristan Taormino
This book provides basic information concerning open or non-monogamous relationships: the various types of arrangements, psychological demands and difficulties, and practical considerations involving going public, raising children, legalities, and safe sex practices.

Open: Love, Sex & Life in an Open Marriage
by Jenny Block
Sex is on everyone's minds - we're talking about it, thinking about it, watching television programs and movies about it, reading about it, and writing about it. Open is a book about sex. It's about sex within the confines of an open marriage. It's about the many ups and downs Jenny Block has had as well as the consequences and lessons she's learned from having made the decision to open her marriage.

The Polyamory Handbook
by Peter Benson
The Polyamory Handbook starts with describing what polyamory is, and is not; but nearly all of this book comprises a comprehensive guidebook about how to live this sometimes challenging but immensely satisfying and growthful lifestyle and lovestyle, smoothly, happily, successfully; and how to navigate any bumps in the road that you and your partners may encounter. The book also makes clear that polyamory is not for everyone; it does not try to "sell" polyamory to anyone.

Stranger in a Strange Land
by Robert A. Heinlein
This sci-fi novel written in 1961 depicted the idea of group households and line marriages in a positive, affirming way. This book acted as many people's introduction into polyamory, though not all modern polyamorists agree with its model.

Courtship Rite
by Donald Kingsbury
Science fiction about a poly society on another planet - very positively poly.

Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits: Secrets of Sustainable Relationships
by Dr. Deborah M. Anapol
One of the most popular books for people just beggining to look into polyamory. It discusses many of the emotional aspects of polyamory, including managing jeaoulsy.

Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships
by Wendy-O-Matik
From a reader: "This book is great to lend to mono friends and family, everyone can relate to it, I think my mom finally understands polyamory now!"

Two For One--a novel about having choices
by Sean David Wright
From a reader: "Lovely and funny romantic comedy that breaks the mold. I heard about it when the author was interviewed on Australian radio during my summer vacation. Good to know there are straight authors out there who can write a poly-friendly story with such believability. Great book."

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Sex in the 90s: It's a Group Thing
Featured a variety of group relationships, including various poly structures. Included a segment on April Divilbliss and her two partners, Chris and Shane. When first aired, it sparked a long custody case between April and the baby's paternal grandparents (the father was no longer involved with April).

Montel Williams on Multiple Love: Polyamory
In November 2005, Montel devoted a whole show to exploring polyamory, and talked to a number PolyamorousNYC members. It has been graciously put online for download [46 Mb file] by a PolyNYC member.

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Women in Love
2005 Directed by Karen Everett
A personal documentary on love and friendship set within the sexually-charged, politically active, and artistically involved lesbian community of San Francisco. A PolyNYC member writes: "Fraught with all of the trials and tribulations of trying to make a multiple person relationship work WHILE you all suffer through your
communication-skill learning curves (sound familiar, anyone?), Women In
Love shows the journey of Director Karen Everett and her several
lesbian lovers trying to make Poly work. I think it's worth the viewing
even if you're hetero or monogamous."

Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family
2004 Directed by Susan Kaplan
Documentary that follows two men in NYC as they add a woman, and then children, to their relationship. Susan followed the growing family for nine years through the ups and downs of their unique life.

1999 Directed by Gregg Araki
About a woman and the men in her life, it portrays polyamory in a positive way. Thoroughly entertaining, if only because it is original in the way it addresses the issue.

When Two Won't Do
2002 Directed by David Finch
Documentary by a couple who, grappling with their own relationship, head out to see how others do it. This film has been described as "wrestling with polyamory, warts and all. It does contain a tragedy, the suicide of an important character, yet it feels real. It is positive to poly without being pollyannish and not at all propaganda."

The Sex Monster
1999 Directed by Mike Binder
A woman explores her bisexuality while remaning happily married.

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Loving More
A major magazine for the polyamory community. It's published quarterly and has an extensive list of poly resources. Loving More is also known for 2 major annual polyamory conferences. One conference is on each coast during the summer months.

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REiD Mihalko
REiD is a bi-coastal sex and relationship educator, speaker, workshop designer, facilitator, and writer. Charismatic and able to connect and relate with people quickly and easily, Reid uses his gift of humor, strong sense of integrity and caring, and keen insight to make people feel safe and allow them permission to explore their relationships, their sexuality, and themselves more deeply. Reid is available for one-on-one, couple and group coaching sessions, as well as speaking engagements on a number of relationship topics. Initial 20-minute session is free. He can be reached at reid@reidaboutsex.com and (917) 207-4554.

Marcia Baczynski
Marcia Baczynski is a talented consultant, educator, coach, and leader who is passionate about providing the world with better tools for relationships and sexuality, and empowering people to use them. An expert in gender dynamics, sexuality and interpersonal communication, she combines a keen analytical ability with warm personal skills to provide her clients and students with an experience of being seen, being validated, learning something new, and feeling smarter for it. Marcia is available for one-on-one, couple and group coaching sessions, as well as speaking engagements on a number of relationship topics. Initial 20-minute session is free. She can be reached at marcia@idealbalanceinc.com and 1 (800) 208-0913.

Nan Wise, LCSW, ACSW
Nan Wise, Speaker is a licensed clinical social worker and relationship coach who has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and multiple-partner relationships. Nan specializes in Transforming Relationships (alternative and conventional) and assisting them in breaking new ground. She also is a Sex therapist and Life Coach that helps clients create the life they want to live. Her website is outrageousintimacy.com.

Samuel L. Sharmat, M.D.
Poly-friendly psychotherapy and psychiatry for individuals, relationships and families. Experienced with creative and alternative communities.
270 Lafayette St., Suite 500, New York, NY 10012. (646) 553-5490

Outside the Box Counseling - Elizabeth Lipman-Stern, LSW
Non-judgmental, supportive counseling for people living alternative lifestyles. This practice is friendly to polyamory, bisexuality, swinging, BDSM, kink, and gender issues.

Dorothy Hayden, CSW
Poly-friendly therapist in Manhattan focused on resolving sexual issues.

Katherine Rachlin, Ph.D.
Poly-friendly counseling by a licensed Psychologist who has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and multiple-partner relationships.
49 West 24th St. 9FL, New York, NY 10010 (212) 206-3636 KitRachlin@gmail.com http://Katherinerachlin.com/

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Also see our Links page for online resources.

Polyamory Weekly (also available for subscription in iTunes)
Weekly podcast dedicated to the issues of loving more in the polyamorous lifestyle - championing and telling the ups, downs and squicks of the lifestyle, from time constraints to sexual issues to jealousy, with the occasional bad British accent thrown in.

Progressive Virtual Social Network
Virtual social network with over 300 participants and a discussion list. "We're mostly focused on the day to day challenges of living polyamorously."

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